One of my earliest memories is lying on the linoleum floor of my childhood bedroom—a grid of nursery rhymes in Good’n’Plenty lavender, pink, black and white—surrounded by a rainbow of crayons, and drawing, drawing—big, loopy swirls which became shapes filled in with a riot of color. It gave me great joy to work in the quiet of the day creating my own world with line, color, shape and pattern. My favorite aunt and uncle loved what I did and became my first collectors; I learned the enormous pleasure of touching someone with the pictures I had made. Another aunt gave me my first diary. Keeping a daily record expanded into a deep love for writing and noting the changes each day brought. These early efforts fueled a lifetime working with similar concerns and intentions.
Giving form to spirit. This is what I call the work I do as both artist/poet and educator. Drawing, painting, printmaking, and collage are the heartbeat at the center of my visual work. After years of investigating these disciplines individually, they are now joined together in the mixed media works you will see on these pages. Text and language—often my poems—have become integral elements.
Thank you for taking the time to visit this site and reflecting on what you see and read. Please let me hear your response,